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This page gives information on the layout tours. This information will eventually include a short description of all layouts and a long description of some of them, the schedule for the layout tours, and instructions on how to get on the tours and what to do to ensure all tourists get the most from the tours. Each tourist will be given a hardcopy of these instructions when they pick up their convention registration pack. The exact location of the layouts will not be made available until the start of the convention.

Car pooling will be used for travelling from one layout to the next. This car pooling will be finalised on the first day of the convention.

May 16, 2017

Trevor Cheer's 9mm layout, one of New Zealand's premier 9mm layout, will be on the tour. The layout is described here.

April 21, 2017

Mark Jackson who is in charge of the layout tours has begun selecting and inspecting layouts for our tours. We anticipate having tours on at least two of the three afternoons of the convention. We hope to have layouts ranging from N scale to G scale.

As in previous conventions, the people on a tour will be divided into small groups, and each group will start the tour at a different layout and move from one layout to the next according to a timetable. People will need to stick to the timetable, otherwise there could be too many people to fit in a layout room. Many out-of-towners would have heard about Auckland's traffic congestion and stories of people taking over two hours to get across Auckland. These stories are true as the writer knows from first hand experience. However, during long weekends such as we have for the convention, there is typically limited congestion and travel times are not much larger than when there is little traffic. John Parkin, chair of the convention committee, confirmed this in a test drive Easter, 2017.

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