This page gives information on the clinic. This information will eventually include the title and short abstract of each clinic, and the schedule for the clinics.

April 21, 2017

The organising committee has started creating a list of possible topics and speakers for clinics. If you are interested in giving a clinic, please contact Mark Jackson at We anticipate there will be six clinics on each of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings of the convention. The six clinics on a day will be run in three parallel sessions of two clinics each. We are considering at least the following two possible formats for the two clinics in a session:

  1.  Each clinic is 45 to 50 minutes long including questions and there is 15 to 10 minute break between the first and second clinics in a session.
  2.  Each clinic is 45 minutes long, then 15 minutes for questions and wind-up, and 30 minutes between the first and second clinics in a session.

Option 2 means the two clinics will take two and a half hours as against the two hours for Option 1. Increasing the length of the session may reduce the amount of time available for the layout tours in the afternoon. If you prefer one option to the other, feel free to let Philip Sharp know. His email address is on the Callboard page.


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