Stations on the Waitemata & Chelsea Railway

The caption for a photograph is above the photograph.

The central part of Glydebourne precinct viewed from the west.

Central part of Glydebourne precinct

Lower level: the eastern end of the Southport precinct. Upper level: the line between Waimarino and Glydebourne.

The Waimarino station building viewed from the west.

Tracks on the left: part of the Waro station. The curved track in the bottom right: part of the Waimarino Spiral.

On the right: the central and western end of the Amberley precinct looking from the east. On the left, partly obscured: the village at the eastern end of Glydebourne.

Foreground: the Amberley Sugar Refinery. Background: the eastern end of the Southport precinct on the lower level and the Waimarino - Glydebourne line on the upper level.

In the centre: Kopuawhara Siding, looking from the west. On the left up on the hill: the Arapito - Taihoa line looking from the west.

The western of Glydebourne precinct, looking from the east.

On the lower level: part of the Santel precinct looking from the west. On the upper level: the line on the eastern side of Mounts Siding.